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Good news for the New year, Coffee Drinkers. - 11th Jan 2012

Welcome to the New Year. Many people take this time to make new year resolutions, many of which are unrealistic and can't be achieved. A lot of these are associated with health, I should drink less, eat less rubbish, exercise more.... often good ideas in and of themselves but the regimes we set ourselves are often based on popular belief rather than good scientific fact. I often hear people say "I must drink less coffee". Any of you who set themselves this task and are not convinced they can achieve it might like to know about some of the latest research coming out of Harvard Medical School. Over 50,000 woman were followed over a period of ten years examining their levels of depression and their use of anti-depressant medication. A very clear negative correlation was found between caffeine consumption and depression in that those drinking four or more cups of coffee/day were 20% less likely than those who drank 1 or fewer cups/week to experience clinical depression. Those drinking 2-3 cups /day were 15% less likely. Decaffeinated coffee had no significant effect upon depression levels. So unless there is a clear medical reason why you should not be having caffeine; forget that resolution and visit your favourite barrista as often as you like.

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