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ADHD: Move Away from Medication Proposed in Review. - 15th Jan 2010

 ADHD treatments in the news

Following the Australian Government's move away from drugs as the first treatment for ADHD sufferers New Zealand is being asked to review its own recommendations. The Christchurch Press has called for opinions from local psychologists working and researching in this area - " University of Canterbury ADHD expert Dr Julia Rucklidge said non-medical treatments for ADHD were often resource-intensive and expensive.

"It comes down to manpower – having people on the ground to offer other treatments.

"If that doesn't exist, stimulants are better than nothing, but it does show that we are not offering New Zealanders the optimal choices that are available."

Rucklidge said medication worked well in the short term but was not a cure, so once people went off it their old behaviour returned.

Bernadette Berry works extensively in this area and agrees with Julia that the combination of medication and education is the most useful approach for people with ADHD. She adds that there is no cure and that both medication and education help people to manage their behaviour and that frequently with psychosocial therapy people are able to come off medication and maintain good control of their difficulties.

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