Understanding the Problem


Before jumping in to therapy, it's important to know where the problem may lie. There are many scientific psychological tests that can assess a range of behaviours, emotions and physical symptoms to pinpoint problem areas, or to reassure or confirm everything is normal. This may be done for continued therapy with Delta Psychology practitioners or for third parties like Courts, adoption agencies, ACC or other practitioners.

Please note: Delta Psychology does not perform neuro-psychological testing or educational/learning assessments.

Assessments include:

Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD, ADHD)

Attention Deficit Disorders present in a variety of complex ways, different in children and adults and different in male and female. Hyperactivity and risk-taking can be the more obvious symptoms in boys (and often not ADD)  but in adults and girls symptoms can be less obvious but the problems just as debilitating. In making a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD care has to be taken to eliminate environmental and historical factors as possible causes of the problems. Delta Psychology therapists are well versed in the attention deficit spectrum of disorders and indeed Bernadette Berry is a specialist in the field with many years experience as a child and adolescent psychologist. Learn more... 


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